Frequently asked questions

What is Resove?

Resove is a company that operates in the ad serving business.

You can find our mission and some extra information on our mission page.

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How does it work, in a nutshell

Advertisers pay us to advertise their products or business. We pay publishers to rent space on their websites or apps, where we put the ads. Easy as that.

The not-so-easy part is putting the right ads in the right spaces, to maximize both ads visibility and publishers profits, while being sure to protect privacy and security of the people who will see the ads.

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Why is Resove different from the others?

We try to make you happy by making everybody's users happy. Nobody wants a beautiful and interesting website running ads that scare people away.

You can read more about our mission here.

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Why are JavaScript and cookies bad?

They are not bad, it's just that you have to trust who is using them. This is why, instead of asking you of trust us, we just chose not to use them.

A more descriptive reason can be found at why is javascript "bad" and why are cookies "bad" in our technical page.

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What is your view about ad-blockers?

We encourage everybody to use an ad blocker of some kind.

Our delivery practices agree with, and implement, the philosophy of every ad blocking software.

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Where can I find information about: trusting system (PV), retargeting/remarketing, segmenting and other technical stuff?

All these questions are answered here.

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After inserting the codes in my page, I only get a "configuration error".

There are many possible causes, but two are the most common:

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The impression/click/action counters are not updating.

The ad counters, a.k.a. the impression/click/action (or I/C/A) counters, are not updated in real time. The servers that deliver ads are separate from the ones where your administration panel is, to provide maximum speed. They are usually synchronized every few minutes, depending on how much work is every server doing.

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The impressions/click/action counters went down instead of increasing.

This can happen, even if it's not a common occurrence between our users.

Our anti-fraud system is a multi-step process, and some of these steps take place after the counters have been updated. Because of that, if you see your counters going down, then it is probably because we detected a fraudulent or improper activity, and fixed it on a later stage.

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Why is there an "allow-script" in your codes if you are not using javascript? And what about "allow-popup"?

Unfortunately, some browsers need those two attributes to be set in iframes in order to let the users click the links contained in it, opening a new tab.

We will remove the attribute as soon as every browser follows the HTML specifications correctly. In the meanwhile, you can always check by yourself: we will never deliver scripts, nor open popups.

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Can't find your question?

You can check our forum.

Or write us an email at:, and will write you back with all the information you need!

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