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If you are a blogger, a content creator or just someone who wants to make some money with a website, you will probably want to put some ads in your pages. Choosing the best ad program for you is not an easy task, because the variables to consider are a lot.

Here we try to give you some information and insights of this complex world, and tell you why we think our program fits most of the common needs, almost surely even yours.

Our mission is to create a sustainable process for online advertising, a process that both companies and the public can trust; a process that will increase revenues for both advertisers and publishers while granting users security, privacy and a better overall experience online.

Why is Resove different from the others?


We try to make you happy by making your users happy. Nobody wants a beautiful and interesting website running ads that scare people away. Our job is to make ads unobtrusive, useful and remunerative.

We know that trusting an advertising company is hard, so we removed from the ad delivery chain everything that could be used against you or your users. Our ads use no javascript, no cookies, and, if you want to, no third party ads.

That is, you can trust us just based on the fact that is technically impossible to resort to bad practices.

How much money can I make?

This just depends on you! Your earnings will not only depend on how many impressions and clicks the ads get, but also on the quality of your website. Prices are not fixed to an artificially low (or artificially high) value, but instead vary constantly depending on how badly advertisers want their ads in your site.

What is this, if not the free market!

The trusting system

At Resove, not every client is the same.

Advertisers have an assigned value, the PV, that represent how much we trust them, calculated via both automatic and manual means. We want valuable websites to have only valuable ads.

Winners will only play with winners!

You can read more about the trusting system in our technical page.

What about affiliate marketing?

We have an affiliate marketing offer. However, due to the fact that nobody is tracked, Resove uses a unique method for logging and counting the conversions. The differences are completely transparent for your users, and most of the time they will also be completely transparent for you.

You can read more about the affiliate marketing programs in our technical page.

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